Mid-Year Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

I’m a goal person.  I make goals for the year, the month, the week and the day…yeah I’m that girl.

This year’s New Year’s Resolutions just weren’t working for me.  What I thought I wanted on 12/31/2015 is way different then what I want today.  Instead of keeping my New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to update them.

I’m calling these my mid-year resolutions.

Instead of focusing on not being able to lose the baby weight or workout the way I want due to being injured, I’m shifting my focus to fueling my body with the right foods, move my body in a way that feels good and be mindful of the amazing life I have.

I’m focusing on eating  healthy, whole foods, and enjoy the foods I love without guilt.  I’m going for balance, not perfection.

I was listening to a podcast today and they were talking about the connection to your mind and eating.  They spoke about how it’s okay to really enjoy the piece of cake or ice cream and then move on from it.  Where things get dicey is when we put negative thoughts into what we are eating when we are eating it.  So if we are freaking out because the salad we are eating may not be organic, we are sending our brain the wrong message.

Makes sense to me!

In addition to eating right, I have been in pain too long this year and want to be pain-free by the end of the year.  So, I want to focus on moving my body in a way that feels good, like doing yoga and some weight exercises that do not put strain on me.  Instead, they allow me to workout and heal at the same time.

Lastly, having a morning routine of practicing gratitude along with my 10 minutes of meditation.

I share these with you to keep myself accountable but to show you just because New Year’s Resolutions seem to be what most people do for goal setting, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the only time to goal set.   Do your goals when they feel right to you.  Do them when you need to change them up.  They are your goals and they shouldn’t have a defined date as starting on 1/1.

When do you do your goal setting?  Are you setting mid-year goals?  I’d love to hear them!

Till next time….sparkle on!

UPDATE:  After this post, I developed a 10 page workbook with email series to help you through the steps.  If you are trying to figure out where to start to make this year or month the best yet, make sure to check it out here!


Curb the Sweet Tooth

If you know me, you know I love my sweets!  When I was pregnant, I would eat sweets daily and that probably accounted for all the weight gain.

But now that I feel like I’m getting my eating back to where it was, I’m really focusing on what I put into my body for energy and health.  Especially, since working out seems to be on hold till my Achilles heel recovers.

Each day I ask myself, what can I eat to get me closer to my goal (back to my body before kids) but doesn’t bore the crap out of me?

Tonight, I wanted something sweet after dinner and this is what I had plus a cup of chocolate macaroon tea from David’s tea.   (Tea is my new thing and I’m liking David’s Tea because they have tons of variety).

Okay so what is in this delicious bowl of goodness?

It’s one nectarine topped with real whip cream and coco nibs.

So next time you are carving something sweet, grab a piece of your favorite fruit, cut it up and top it with whip cream and some coco nibs.  Don’t have coco nibs, drizzle some melted dark chocolate over it.  So good!  Healthy does NOT need to be boring!

What do you eat to curb your sweet tooth?

Till next time….sparkle on!



Travel & Your Goals

From my last post, you know I had some travel this week.  I come home tonight and can’t wait to be in my own bed and back into my routine.  Traveling can be great but it can also be stressful.  When you get out of a routine, it can also hinder your progress towards getting to your goals.

There is one thing that you need to do to help you stick to your goals, your healthy lifestyle or not feeling the bloat after the travel ends.

And that is a PLAN!

(BTW, sometimes the plan is to indulge the whole time and worry about getting back on track when you return and that is 100% okay!)

To figure out your plan, ask yourself these 3 questions before packing:

  1. Is there a gym in the hotel or an area around the hotel to take walks/runs, etc?
  2. What healthy snacks can I travel with that will satisfy me when I get hungry?
  3. Are there certain days/nights that I want to enjoy and indulge in food?

If the hotel has a gym,bring your workout clothes  and make a plan to go to the gym at a certain time of day or a certain number of days while you are away.  If you have a specific workout in mind, just be prepared the gym in the hotel may not have all the equipment you need (that happened to me and I just made do with what I had).  If you are doing a ton of walking maybe you don’t need the gym but it’s good to have!

If there is no gym, bring your workout clothes anyway and do body weighted exercises in your room.  Ab work, squats, lunges, triceps dips, push ups, planks, etc.  NO EXCUSES!

The goal here is to get your body moving!

ALWAYS pack snacks!  ALWAYS!  And Water (after you get though airport security).

Things that work well traveling are healthy protein bars, nuts, trail mixes.  If you can pack fresh fruit and water, great!  Think about how much snacks you’ll need and then add extra just in case.  I only packed 2 protein bars this trip and went through them on day one…whoops!

Eating out is one of the great parts of travel but remember it’s all about balance.  If you know you’ll have a big dinner one night, then eat super healthy during the day.  Make sure to hydrate often and throughout the day regardless of how big or small a meal is.  If you over indulge be gentle with yourself and have something healthy next time.

Your away, enjoy yourself!  Relax a bit and know you’ll be back on track when you return home.  A week or so of fun isn’t going to hinder your progress, it’s really what happens when you get back that will do that!

Till next time…sparkle on!



Life in a day of a Working Mommy

It never gets easier leaving your kids to go to work.  The first time I left my oldest at daycare, to go back from my maternity leave, I cried the entire way into the office.  Almost 4 years later, now dropping off 2 kids, it’s a routine.  I don’t think twice about it because the day will end soon enough and then we’ll be together.

Today wasn’t routine.  Today, I dropped the boys off and won’t see them for 3 days and the tears came.

Thankful, I only travel once or twice a year for my job.

My husband, on the other hand, travels a lot.  So, when I was booking my travel arrangements for this trip, a part of me was looking forward to it, to have some “me” time.

But as I sat crying in the parking lot, I was second guessing it.  My boys are my heart.  How could I leave them?  Was this all worth it?  Am I a bad mom?   And then I remember, yes it is worth it and I am an amazing mom.

I work to provide for them.

I work to show them that being successful is important.

I work to be a better mom.

I work because I love them and want more for them each and every day.

No one ever said this mom thing would be easy!

Till next time…sparkle on!


Injury: Taking Pause

Have you ever had an injury?  They suck…right?

An injury seems to find just the perfect time to come into your life and derail you.  For me it usually comes when I’m finding my groove or when I start seeing results.

And this year seems to be my year of injuries.  I didn’t even realize it till I started writing this blog.  At the beginning of the year, I had a neck problem that caused such severe headaches that’d I’d be out for the day.  I ended up having to go to physically therapy.  I’ve also had shoulder problems that hindered me from upping my weights during my workouts.  And now, I have Achilles tendonitis.

UGH!  So frustrating.  Like the frustration where you just want to scream your head off.  (I may have or may have not done that).

This most recent injury is the mother of all injuries since it can take up to 6+ months to heal.  And there is nothing you can do but rest.

That to me is like a lifetime when I’m trying to lose this baby weight.  I mean come on…first it was my neck and now this!

After my doctor telling me to continue to rest, wrap my ankle, and ice, I decided to have a heart to heart with myself.

Do you have these with yourself?  You should!

This was my conversation….

Maybe this injury is trying to tell me something.  Maybe it’s not my time to be super fit.  Maybe instead it’s about being super healthy with food since I seem to be gravitating towards being more conscious of my food, adding in green smoothies, drinking teas at night instead of junk, etc.

Maybe it’s my time to just be, to embrace my body for what it is now and know that soon it will be super fit.

Maybe right now I’m suppose to be focused on my kids, my career, this blog, being the best me inside so the outside can catch up later.

It’s funny when you take a second to breathe and understand what your body is telling you, how that injury that really frustrated you is now a blessing.  Okay, it’s still frustrating but not as much as it had been.

It’s all about mindset (I think I’ve mentioned that before).

Till next time…sparkle on!



Calorie Counting

I love MyFitness Pal (MFP)!  And like the saying goes…if you love something, let it go.

After having Linc, I was and still am on a mission to lose the baby weight.  So, I went back to what worked for me after having Holden.  One of the things that worked was tracking food on MFP.

I downloaded the app and diligently logged all my food after every meal, snack, nibble, workout, water, etc.  I was addicted and not in a good way.

I started to have anxiety about logging my food.  Each time I opened the app, I would think is the food I’m eating good enough, healthy enough, enough calories.  Then I’d do my monthly check ins to only find out the scale would barely move.  How could that be if I was under my calorie requirement daily?

It was frustrating to say the least!

One weekend I decided to just not the app and see what happened.  I still wanted to be accountable and since I hadn’t been using my Instagram account that much I figured start posting my food.

Surprisingly, I didn’t overdo my food.  I kept it healthy, had a cheat treat and posted all about it.  I wanted to create an outlet to show me being real.  That I love eating healthy but I love ice cream just as much.  For me it’s about balance.

After the weekend was over, I reflected on how I felt.  I actually had fun doing it and people appreciated me being real.  So, there developed my love for Instagram (make sure to follow me @mind.body.sparkle) and the end to my counting calories.

The lesson I learned from this experience is sometimes what worked in the past won’t work now.

Things change.  You change. Life changes.

Now I ask myself on a daily basis if I make this change is it going to be fun or will I be miserable.  If it’s miserable, I won’t do it.  Instead I’ll figure out a way to make it fun.

Have you experienced something similar?  I’d love to hear from you so please comment below and let me know!

Till next time…sparkle on!

Recipe: Breakfast Bowl

OMG, this breakfast is AMAZING!

And healthy!

And Whole 30!

And delicious!

And simple!

Found a similar recipe on Pinterest, my go to whenever I need something different to make…having eggs daily can get boring.

One thing I do with any recipe, is make it my OWN.  So I took the recipe and tweaked it a bit and if you follow me on Instagram (@mind.body.sparkle), you’ve seen me post this often.

Get ready to have your taste buds explode and your tummy be satisfied.

What you need:

  • 1 banana mashed
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • coconut oil spray
  • 1 tsp or more of peanut butter or any nut butter
  • cinnamon
  • a pinch or more of unsweetened coconut flakes
  • fruit of your choice (I tend to go for 1/2 apple, berries or 1/2 nectarines)

How to make it:

  • Mash up banana in a bowl, then add 2 eggs and vanilla extract.  Mix well.  It will be a little lumpy and that is okay.
  • Spray small skillet with coconut oil spray and heat on medium
  • Add egg mix to skillet and cook while moving around with spatula till cooked through.
  • Put into bowl, top with cinnamon and coconut flakes, fruit and peanut butter.

Enjoy! If you make this, you need to tell me what you think.  I’m addicted.

Till next time…sparkle on!

Nailed it!


This is a big one for me….so much so, I finally bought a Mantra Band with the word “believe” on it.  Along with the band was this message:

Every journey starts with believing, and belief will keep you going.  Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe you can.

How amazing is that?  I swear each time I read that quote it warms my heart!

I have struggled with believing in myself for as long as I remember.  I’m not sure where it came from or why.   The lack of belief has caused self doubt and lack of confidence throughout my life.  It would come in waves, but it hit me like a tidal wave after having Linc.  And since then I’ve been on this self development journey.

And just taking the steps to work on myself has been changing me on a daily basis.  I’m not kidding.  This past month, everything I had been reading finally started to click. And after completing a 7 day group on Facebook, this journey solidified I was on the right path. The group did daily homework assignments that were things I was working on but took me one step further and the experience was MIND BLOWING!

Which brings me back to the Mantra Band.  On the first day of wearing it, I had a HUGE presentation to present in front of my boss, a long standing client and my peers.  This meeting was different for several reasons, but the one that I kept thinking about was how I needed to hit home my points.

Like I said, this was a big deal meeting, so we had rehearsals to prepare and make sure we all knew who was doing what.  The funny thing about this is I didn’t really prepare for my slides.  I didn’t freak out and although I was nervous, a part of me knew I was going to nail it

And I did…NAIL IT!  The words came, the energy came and my points were made clear and effectively.

I walked out of that meeting being proud, knowing I was capable of what I just did and so much more.  I walked out of there remembering how much I enjoyed talking in front of people.  But the most important thing I walked out of that meeting with was…

BELIEVING in myself.

I called my husband on the way home and told him I nailed it and he of course said I knew you would.  I told him, I don’t know why I think I can’t do certain things but that is crap and I’m over it.

As I grow, I realize more and more how much my road blocks have been put there by me. So I’m taking them away one by one.  It’s not an easy task…I know it will take time but with each road block I take away, the better I feel and the closer I become to being that girl I want to be…the better version of myself!

Believe you can and you will!

Till next time…sparkle on!