The Scale

I got on the scale this morning and we know how this goes….one of two ways…either really good or really bad.  Today leaned more towards the latter.  It said I gained back some weight…what?!

I didn’t freak out instead I calmly backed off the scale and put it gently into its place.  And then I thought…it’s probably water weight.  It is that time of the month for me so I’m sure that has something to do with it since it was a small amount of weight gain.

Then I thought about how this piece of equipment defines us.  How we get on it and due to whatever number appears determines our mood for the day, the way we act towards ourselves and what decisions we make after we see the number.

Why is this?  Why do we allow a number to dictate so much of our lives?  The scale has defined me for as long as I can remember.  I’d like to say this post is about me saying it’s not going to define me anymore but I would be lying to you and to myself.

The scale doesn’t have as much control over me as it had before.  Instead I use it as a gauge of how I’m doing with my weight loss journey.  It’s not the only thing I use to see progress.  I also use a tape measure, how I feel and how my clothes fit.

At this very moment, although the weight is not what I wanted to see, I cannot lose sight of all the progress that has been made.

Almost injury free.

More strength.

Tighter skin.

Little baby muscles coming through.

Getting through a workout that I couldn’t before.

Pushing to the higher weights.

Feeling proud of myself.

Eating better.

I could have decided due to the increase weight to throw my arms up and say oh well and sabotage my eating and workouts.  Or I could be honest, take a step back and see where I can improve, celebrate my accomplishments and keep going.

I chose the later.  I celebrated my accomplishments.  I looked my food and know I can make better choices.  So I broke open the 21 day fix meal plan and decided to try it out for the day and see how I feel.  I have been resistant to this because I really hate restrictions around food (can you relate).  The program does allow you to eat whatever you want, but the restriction is on how much of the category you can eat.

The weight loss for me after baby 2 is a slow process right now.  But slow progress is progress and sometimes that is not in a number!  Have more energy, feeling better about myself and being almost injury free are the best accomplishments this mama can get right now.

Till next time…Sparkle On!

P.S.  I’d love your feedback…how do you feel about scale and how can I help you get to your fitness goals?  Let’s connect….just leave a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I see it!




Pumpkin Everything is back!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…it’s fall!  I know you thought I was going with Christmas..hehe!

I LOVE everything fall. The colors, the boots,the leggings, the warm sweaters, apple picking, pumping picking and everything pumpkin spice.

My family and I went apple picking this weekend and yes I was more excited than the kids! I just love being out on the orchards….it’s just fun!   The weather was perfect and Holden had lots of fun on the tracker, picking apples, feeding farm animals and having kettle corn.  The adults had fun too and I definitely enjoyed some apple cider donuts and the kettle corn.

Even the flavors of fall are amazing!  When  the day was over, I realized for the first time since being on a fitness journey ( entire life), I did not feel guilty about enjoy the donuts or having too much of the kettle corn.   I actually enjoyed it and made better choices throughout the day.

For me, life is about balance right now.  I don’t want to be super-duper clean eating like I have in the past…I loved it when I did it and the results were amazing.  Right now, I want to get the workouts under control and enjoy healthy and not so healthy foods without guilt and looks like I’m accomplishing that.

Just like there are different seasons, there are different seasons for your journey.  Some times you might feel like doing cross fit and other times yoga.  Some time super clean eating is what you want and other times balance is key.

Enjoy your season!  It’s okay to have your pumpkin spice latte…it’s not going to kill you.  Just do it in moderation but when you do it, ENJOY it!

Till next time….Sparkle on!

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog post.  It’s taken me some time to get back at it after Paris…which was AMAZING!

Wanted to talk to you about something that keeps coming up for me.  Take a listen to the video below (fyi…some of the audio goes out but you don’t miss anything…apparently I babble).


I’d love feedback, so please let me know what you thought of this post, how you handle comparisons and if you want more of these.

Till next time….Sparkle on!

Pain is Good

Okay one last blog post before I leave for my trip.

I heard this on a podcast and had to share immediately!   “Suffering is NOT going through the pain” Glennon Melton.

WOW this spoke so much to me that I created a “Real Talk” for my newsletter (this episode comes out in a couple of weeks.  Not subscribed?  Just click to get on the list…I share these talks, recipes, motivation and more!).

So check out this Real Talk and let me know what you think.

Till next time….Sparkle on!


First Trip Away without the Kids

In a couple of days, I leave with my husband to go overseas for 4 days…with NO KIDS!

At first I was super worried about leaving them but now I cannot wait to get the heck out of here and have some of my own time.

You know where I can eat a meal and not be asked to get 100 things for them only to find my meal has gone cold or I don’t even want.

Or trying to go to the bathroom or get ready in peace…things like that.

There are no breaks, no holidays, no weekends when you are a parent.   You are on ALL the time.

And yes this is what we signed up for and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But a little break will make the heart grow fonder for my 2 little boys.  But more importantly, it will make me a better mom!

How?  Because I’ll have time to breathe and come back refreshed.  Think what you want of me…but I keep it real on this page and all other social media outlets!

I’ll be off-line so once i get back I’ll fill you all in on how it really went leaving them.  I’m sure even though today they are driving me nuts, I’ll cry like a baby.  Oh and don’t worry I’ll fill you in on the trip too!  Au revoir for now!

Till next time…sparkle on!