How I Stopped Drinking Coffee Daily

I sent a newsletter out to my list last week telling them about the changes I’ve been making to get to my ultimate 2017 goal- fueling my body with the right foods to heal myself and finally lose this baby weight.  In my newsletter, I mentioned how I kicked the habit of drinking coffee daily and someone asked how.

A bell went off in my head to share what worked for me here on this blog!  So let’s talk coffee!

First, I love coffee.

Second, I had given it up in the past cold turkey and the withdraw symptoms (massive headaches and more) that came were so painful I vowed never again.

So, why the sudden change?

My health was suffering.  My adrenals and other areas of my body were really weak and causing me to hold onto the weight.  Something had to give.

I have been working with a nutritionist and I told her at the very beginning of our sessions, I was willing to eliminate anything she thought I needed except coffee (unless it was an absolute must).  I explained the withdrawal I had before and how I couldn’t do that to myself again.  I did say, however, there was one thing I’d like to change about my coffee, which was to eliminate adding sugar.  Her suggestion was to make bullet proof coffee, so I did and it worked.  No more sugar in my coffee (when I drink it).

When she suggested I stop drinking coffee to see if that helped my health, she knew I was not happy about it.  She told me it was only temporary till my body got back on track and she’d help me through it.

My want to lose this baby weight, be less injury prone and just feel good again outweighed my love of coffee. It was time to lessen my intake.

We agreed to work on reducing the amount of coffee I have daily.  Here are the tips she recommended and what worked for me:

  1. Change the size of the coffee.   I went from a tall to a short cup of coffee.
  2. Have coffee every other day.  This didn’t work for me at first, so I just focused on having the short coffee daily and then a week after I started doing every other day.  Then I did every 2 days until I got to just having coffee on the weekend.
  3. Replace coffee with Matcha Tea.  I added Matcha tea powder to my smoothies and learned how to make Matcha tea lattes.

It’s been a month and I have to say I don’t miss coffee.  I feel less wound up and it’s helped my adrenals get stronger.   Now I have it when I want, mostly on the weekends or whenever the moment strikes (like the other day on my way into the office).

When I do order coffee, it’s always a small black coffee or I make it bullet proof.

If you are trying to eliminate something from your diet you can use these tips to help you.   Here are 4 easy steps to start eliminating foods that are not working for you:

Step 1:  Reduce the amount you are consuming.

Step 2:  Go every other day without it and then every 2 days, then only on the weekends until you can go without all together.

Step 3:  Find a healthier alternative.

Step 4:  When you do add it back in, enjoy it!

Till next time…Sparkle on!







The 1 Thing I’ve Learned By Slowing Down My Workouts

For the past 6 weeks, I have been doing a workout routine that was only intended for 1 week!

1 week!  1 week of active recovery and then I was supposed to be back at my awesome HIIT workouts that I’d been doing for 3 months.  I modified them and I loved how quick, fun and efficient they were for this busy mom of 2.  And the sweat was amazing…I knew it was working and my body felt good.


After 3 months, I needed a change so I decided to give myself a one week rest.  I thought of doing nothing for a week but that isn’t me.  I needed to move my body in some way.  I decided to do 5 days that included yoga, Pilates, barre and walking if the weather was nice.

I was excited for my new plan.  I knew it would be good to really nourish my body with stretching and getting out in the fresh air.  And I was right!

The week felt so good, I decided to do another week of the same workouts.  And another…and another and so on.

As each week came to an end, I’d think so what should I do next week.  And the answer was always the same with little tweaks to spice things up.  I added another leg day, would do yoga at a studio instead of at home, do different workouts on different days than the week before, change-up my walking route, and recently just added a cycle class to the routine.

With each day, I loved my workout more and more.  They were challenging.  My strength was improving and the sweat was just as intense.  Instead of feeling my body being beat up (in a good way), I felt energized and refreshed and sore.

I really thought after 5 weeks I’d be done.  I mean how boring to keep doing the same workouts, right (even with the tweaks)?

But guess what?

I’m not bored!  I really look forward to my workouts each day and I’m amazed at how much better I am week after week with my form and with doing different exercises I couldn’t do the past week.

My biggest a-ha moment yet was when I took a cycle class and the next day I wasn’t as sore as I thought I’d be.  I felt it but I was fine.

My husband said, “you are in better shape than you thought.”  And that made me realize, yep I am!  Holy crap I really am!  AMAZING!

My biggest a-ha moment is the biggest lesson I learned from slowing my workouts down.

I don’t have to KILL myself for results.  Being KIND to my body is getting me the results I have been wanting.

Your body knows what it needs.  You just need to stop, listen and trust it!

Till next time…Sparkle on!