The Day I became FearLESS

If you have been here from the beginning you know the struggle has been real for me.  You know for the past 2 years, I have dealt with postpartum depression, weight gain, closing my Beachbody business, starting my own thing, and recently putting a big HOLD on everything around coaching.

In March, I finally gave myself the break I should have done months prior.  I stepped away from my passion of helping others and started focusing on me, a concept that was foreign to me.  I started working with a nutritionist, changing my workouts, and really doing what I wanted when I wanted without jamming everything into my already tight schedule.  I also started to look at what I do outside my family life…A.K.A:  work!

My corporate job is exactly what I need at this point in my life; flexibility and opportunities to grow.  I am truly grateful for my company.  That is not what I was questioning.  What I questioning was “Why do I feel like something is missing?” What I found were 2 things were off in my life:

  1. I was living an introverted life when I’m an extrovert. I LOVE people, yet I was keeping to myself and feeling really lonely…um duh!
  2. I wasn’t living my authentic self by stopping my true passion of helping others with health and fitness.

For the first one, that was easy…start doing things with girl friends, network, meet people, etc  Okay, check!

For the second one, it was a little more complicated.  I started talking to people about what I could do to help others be the best version of themselves.  The first thing people would say was go back to Beachbody.  That was an option but I wanted a new challenge.  Then someone mentioned health coaching.

And so my research began….

What was health coaching?  How does it work?  What is the schooling like?

How would it work with my life? Would I be overwhelmed?  Could I do it with my full-time job?  My 2 kids?

I kept researching, asking questions,and finally, four months later, I decided to pull the trigger and sign up to become a certified health coaching.

After months of talking to health coaches, looking at different programs, talking it through with my husband, coming to the realization, I didn’t need to have it all planned out on what I’d do after I received my certificate….it was okay to be in the unknown.  In my heart I knew this was something I was born to do and it was time to stop wondering what if and take action!


The sign up deadline was a few days before a super busy week for me.  I had to wait!

As the final week deadline approached for July sign up, I kept thinking about the program, kept researching it, kept looking in my inbox for more info about it.


I asked myself one question that changed it all.

How would my life look in 5 years if I had the health coaching certificate?

And in that moment, I knew I had to register and figure the rest out later. It was the first time, I finally let go and knew somehow this would work out.

On the night before the last day to sign up, I shut the light out to go to bed and told myself I was signing up after my spin class the next day.  The next day came, I went to spin, showered and was ready to call to sign up …


I couldn’t do it!

I just looked at the last email the school rep sent me ready to hit reply.  What I was about to do was so HUGE that my fear came at me full speed.

It’s a huge investment…what if I fail?

It’s a huge time commitment of 8 months…what if I can’t keep up?

What if I’m overwhelmed?  What if I fail?

Then I asked myself, what if I DON’T fail?  What will my life look like?

I typed a message to the school rep and hit send.  We got on the phone to set everything up and when I put the phone down, that weight of fear had been lifted and I was fearLESS!

That night, I was in shock. I couldn’t wrap my brain around what I had done. It was surreal.

The next morning, I woke up happier, lighter and so excited for the journey ahead.  I know it will be a road of ups and downs.  Life will happen, my corporate job will get stressful, the kids will be my crazy kids.  That’s okay, because what I see on the other side is me living my authentic self helping others be the best version of themselves.

Welcome to my journey because I’m taking you on this crazy ride with me!

Till next time….Sparkle on!