What determines a ‘good’ food vs a ‘bad’ food

It’s been awhile since my last entry.  Life has been busy with Holden starting kindergarten and everyone in the family adjusting to new routines in the morning, new schedules, sports and trying to enjoy the weekends as a family together as much as possible.

Anyone relate?

My health coaching training is going great and I’m getting into what my sessions with clients will look like…EEK!  If you’d like a complimentary discovery session to uncover what’s stopping you or slowing you down from getting to your health goals, please message me at stacymrudman@gmail.com.  

Now onto today’s topic….why do we call food ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

I once labelled all my food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Not really the best way to go about eating and living.

Now I don’t associate good or bad with food for the most part.  I have my days!  It’s a process.

In the past if I ate a ‘bad’ food, I would feel guilty eating it so I would shoved it down my face to the point where I didn’t even taste it.  Ugh! I would then be consumed by it for the rest of day.  I’d tell myself my workouts meant nothing because I just had too much wine or more dessert than I should have.  I would then tell myself either…you blew it so just who cares what you eat now (which would make me feel terrible).  Or I’d be super strict on myself for the rest of the day or week causing me to binge later.

Not really the best or healthiest way to eat.  Can anyone else relate or am I alone?

I haven’t thought about this way of thinking for a long time.  I have been focusing on mindful eating, making sure I’m eating for energy, etc.

But this thought came back to me now that Pumpkin spice is everywhere…it’s my favorite!  I had my first PSL and enjoyed every sip of it.  And then I had another and another and finally I was like okay calm down….you don’t need one everyday!

I adjusted my mindset then but it came back to me when I found my favorite Pumpkin spice yogurt at the store.  I was so excited it was out and of course bought some.  But as I put them in my carriage, I realized I labeled this yogurt ‘bad’.

I know yogurt  Bad?  Stick with me.

I would eat this yogurt no problem until I starting going to a nutritionist who pointed out the sugar content.  That’s when I deemed it as bad and eventually deemed it as have every once in a while, which is why I bought it now.  I had told myself during Pumpkin Spice Season I would eat and buy whatever I wanted because 1.  I love it and 2.  it’s seasonal and lastly, because it’s NOT bad!

It’s just food.  My favorite flavored food!  And I want to enjoy these foods without guilt.  Without thinking I’ve completely sabotage myself.  Without being strict on myself for the rest of the day.  I just want to be…right isn’t that all what we want when it comes to food and our bodies?

So for breakfast I had my pumpkin spice yogurt with collagen peptides for protein and topped with Special K Pumpkin Spice cereal and I enjoyed every bite of it!

No guilt.

No bloat or feeling defeated.

Instead I felt happy, satisfied and had enough energy to my next meal.

Here’s the thing, the way we view food, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, has a lot to do on how our mind and body perceive food.  Not just how we are feeling (guilt, not having enough willpower, etc) but on the actual body weight.

If we constantly say to ourselves what we are eating is bad, our mind is hearing that over and over and realizes oh no, I shouldn’t be eating this, it’s bad, which then makes us eat if faster and doesn’t allow are body’s system to break the food down correctly, which means it most likely gets stored as fat or goes somewhere it’s not suppose to.

There is a lot more there but it’s too much to go through on a blog post.  I hope I’ve simplified it in a way that makes sense and is helpful.

We all know the right foods to be eating.  That is not the issue.

What I’m talking about is to enjoy your food regardless if it fits your “diet” based on what someone somewhere told you was or wasn’t healthy.  You CAN eat whatever you want (in moderation of course) and still be healthy and fit.

The missing piece to this is feeling good about the food you are eating with all your food choices, cheat meals included.  Enjoying food is part of a great experience so why do we shame ourselves into thinking we are bad because we have a piece of cake or one too many chips and dip or in my case Pumpkin Spice everything ?

Haven’t we made ourselves feel guilty enough?

Haven’t we shamed ourselves enough?

Haven’t we worked our butts off to burn through the foods we think are bad enough?

I think so.

So, next time you want something to eat that doesn’t fit the ‘good’ list.  Think about it…is that really true?  Regardless, if you want it, eat it and enjoy it with no guilt.  If it makes you feel better to save those foods for your cheat meal…then do it.  Do what works for you.

But don’t say you can’t have things you love because it’s ‘bad’.  Life is too short!

Till next time….Sparkle on (and eat the pumpkins spice)!



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